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Mix Bee Balm Seeds, Ultra-Colorful Fragrant Flowers, Pack of 100 Seeds

Mix Bee Balm Seeds, Ultra-Colorful Fragrant Flowers, Pack of 100 Seeds



  • Seeds per pack: 100
  • Ultra-colorful, wonderfully fragrant, frizzy 1 1/4- to 1 3/4-inch blooms in 4 hot colors light up the midsummer garden! This foolproof Monarda mix boasts scented flowers and foliage, for a dramatic impact in the garden or vase.
  • The blooms of bright red, scarlet, pink, and salmon are as long-lasting as they are dramatic, heralding the arrival of midsummer to the garden.
  • Nothing brings in the butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees like Monarda, and these vigorous, bushy 2- to 4-foot plants bloom profusely, with up to 20 long stems per plant. Excellent for cutting!
  • Best in consistently moist soil receiving full sun or afternoon shade, this Bee Balm is a trouble-free joy for garden and vase. An excellent cut flower, they are also a great choice for Northern gardens.

Product Description

About Us

For over 150 years, Park Seed has been providing gardeners and plant lovers the products and advice they need for a thriving garden. From our famous vegetable and flower seeds to a crafted selection of growing accessories and supplies, Park Seed’s collection is meant to set up your garden for success. George Park’s commitment to quality started on day 1 and has carried forth to today in the products and services that we offer:

  • Tested and verified superior seed germination
  • All seeds are Non-GMO
  • Over 100 organic and heirloom seed varieties
  • Specially designed Fresh Pak seed packets to keep moisture out
  • Exclusive retailer of the Bio Dome Seed Starter System
  • Curated selection of high-quality garden supplies and accessories
  • Lifetime support from our horticulturalists

Starting Seeds Indoors

  1. Choose the Container. Seeds can be started in many types of containers. If you prefer all-natural options consider peat pots, expandable peat or coir pellets, or pots made from composted cow manure. If you prefer plastic pots there are options from 3 inch pots to multiple sizes of 6 packs. Our favorite way to start seeds is the Bio Dome.
  2. Growing Medium. Generally speaking, you will be more successful if you use a soilless mix to plant your seeds in. The tiny fragile roots sometimes have trouble getting through actual soil. You might be able to use the pellets that expand when you add water. Once they are expanded, you can plant one or two seeds in each.
  3. Watering. Bottom-water your seedlings. Adding water on top of the seedlings encourages damping off. Pathogens attack your seedlings at the soil level, causing the stem to rot and kill the plant. You can help prevent this by bottom-watering. Cover your pots or place them in a plastic bag to keep the humidity stable until they germinate. As soon as they have germinated, remove the plastic to allow air circulation.
  4. Light. You will need to provide 12-14 hours a day of light for your seedlings. More is better. You will have to use grow lights, either LED or wide spectrum fluorescent. Position the grow light several inches above your seedlings and raise it as the seedlings grow.
  5. Heat. Some seeds like to be warm to germinate. Refer to the seed packet for which seeds need heat. The best and easiest way to provide the warmth they require is with a heat mat. Just place the mat under your tray of seed starts, and you’re set.

What to Grow?

Choose plants that you can’t get at your local garden center. A good choice would be a flower, vegetable, or herb that you have trouble finding in the spring—like Stevia or Fragrant Corkscrew Vine. Also, if you need a large amount of one kind of plant, you might want to start the seeds indoors. Plants that need a longer growing season are also a good choice for your indoor garden.

Typical vegetables that are started indoors include tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, squash, and cucumbers. Most of us can plant greens and corn directly in the garden but, if you live in the far north, you may have to start your seeds indoors to give the plants the time they need to mature.

When to Start?

So, how do you know when to start your seeds? The first thing you need to know is which planting zone you live in. This will give you the approximate date that you can plant outdoors in your area. Then read the back of your seed packet. It will tell you how many days they take to germinate and how long until you can harvest your vegetables. Now, count backward to determine when to plant.

The majority of plants will need about six weeks from planting to moving outdoors. There are seeds that will need to be planted as early as January or February, though, so check the package for sure.

When to Move Them Out?

You do want your plants to have at least two sets of true leaves before they’re moved outdoors. If everything is seeming right for moving the plants, they will need to be hardened off. Hardening off is the transition time given to plants to get used to being outdoors. In your house, the plants have never been in the wind, and the temperature has remained constant.

Suddenly, the temperature changes and there are cool nights and warm days. There is wind blowing them and rain will fall on them. Add to that, the sun is much more powerful than any light. So, your plants will need time to adjust. Move them outdoors into a sheltered area with filtered light, starting them out for just a couple of hours. Gradually increase the amount of time they are outside and expose them to more sunlight. Make sure they don’t dry out and, in a few days, they will be ready to be placed in their permanent home outdoors.

Biodome Makes Life Easier!

By far, the easiest way to start your seeds indoors is with Park Seed’s Biodome Seed Starter.

The Bio Dome has a sturdy plastic base and a clear plastic dome top to allow light in and to give room for the seedlings to grow. The dome top has vents that can be opened or closed as needed. There is a planting block that fits into the tray and has tapered cells into which you insert the bio-sponges. Each sponge has a small hole on the top, in which you place one seed. There is a packet of seedling food that is added to the water. This mixture is poured into the bottom tray. This allows your seeds to be bottom-watered. This is the best way to water the tender plants. No seeds will wash away, and the plants cannot be overwatered.

Once you have added the water, place the dome on top with the vent closed until the seeds germinate. Then you can open the vents as needed. That’s it! Everything is included in the kit except the seed!

You will love these old-fashioned beauties, reselected for modern vigor and terrific garden or container performance! Prepare to be overwhelmed by the bounty of this plant. A convenient-to-use granular inoculant that enhances bacteria population for helping plants produce more nitrogen. Just imagine — you no longer need live in fear of the weather report with Kozy Coat! Seed Starter Dome – Start your favorite vegetables and flowers indoors with Park Seed’s Bio Dome
Bred to be the perfect house plant. HIgh-yield vigorous and tolerant of drought Nitrogen packed Great with tomatoes, peppers, and all manner of flowering plants The perfect blend of humidity, aeration and moisture
Compact and decorative with huge leaves. Tart, great for sour pickles or sweet gherkin Economical and easy to use Water filled tubes heated by the sun keep your plants warm. Bottom watering for improved root strength
Rich colors, neatly-serrated edges and dramatic veining Use it as you would a cucumber, right down to salsas, sandwiches, and spreads. Specifically designed for use with beans (except soybeans), peas, lima beans, and vetch The red tint of the plastic produces stockier plants sooner than ever before Ease of transplant and no transplant shock!


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  •  One (1) Mix Bee Balm Seeds, Ultra-Colorful Fragrant Flowers, Pack of 100 Seeds 


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